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— Larry Edelson,
Editor, Real Wealth Report

Dear Investor,

larry-rwr-gold This investment is not only the most reliably profitable in world history — its most profitable phase ever has just begun.

For 31 years now, I’ve made studying and trading this market and investments related to it one of my top priorities. And hugely profitable for my readers.

I believe that the events that are now converging around the world promise to turn this market’s upcoming moves into the most profitable, ever!

I also believe, without a doubt in my mind, that via smart investments in this sector you could double, triple and even QUADRUPLE your money in the next 12–24 months — while almost everyone else is losing their shirts in other investments.

What’s more, unlike past historical periods when this investment literally exploded higher — in 1873 ... 1932 ... 1971 ... 1979 ... and 2001 — today, investing in this sector is easier than ever.

You no longer need to be filthy rich to invest in it. You don’t need to be a stock broker ... a hedge fund trader with big kahunas ... or a licensed trader on the floor of one of the exchanges.

Nor do you need to open any fancy accounts or trade on margin.

Indeed, due to the new kinds of investment vehicles introduced over the last several years, almost anyone can take advantage of this investment’s huge profit potential.

No matter your age, your net worth, your investment objectives, or how much money you have to invest — $1,000 ... $10,000 ... or even $1,000,000.

Go Back to Anytime in the Past 5,000 Years
And Take a Look at What This Investment Has Done

What investment am I talking about? Gold! The world’s only real, lasting form of money.

An investment that has not only held its purchasing power for more than 5,000 years — but one that can also spin off massive profits when the world is undergoing extreme forms of financial stress, just like it is today.

However, today’s gold market is very different — and far more profitable — than it was during any of the big moves up the yellow metal experienced in the past.

I’ll explain why in a minute. First, I want you to truly understand why gold is the most reliably profitable investment in world history.

Consider the following ...

200 B.C, in ancient Rome, an ounce of gold would have bought you a fine toga, a leather belt, and a pair of sandals. Over the course of the next 200 years — while investments in real estate, trading companies and Roman currency plunged in value — gold rose dramatically.

By the turn of the 1st century A.D. — an ounce of gold still purchased a nice wardrobe, outfitting its owners just as well as it had 200 years earlier.

In 301 A.D., had you purchased an ounce of gold with 833.33 Roman denari, just 23 years later, your gold was worth 4,350 denari — a gain of over 422%

And just three years after that, in 337 A.D., your gold was worth 275,000 denari — a gain of 32,900%!

Think Roman times were an exception? Think again. Throughout the entire history of mankind, gold has not only always preserved its purchasing power, it’s beaten other investments hands down.

If you had invested $1,000 in gold in 1865, today you’d have $43,378, a whopping 4,237% gain

If you had invested $2,000 in gold in 1933 – in the depths of the Great Depression — today you’d have more than $111,000

If you had invested a $1,000 in gold in 2001, today your investment would be worth more than $4,200. Compare that to the stock market, where each $1,000 invested is now worth $923.

The profits don’t stop there. If you had invested $1,000 in gold last April, today you’d be sitting on a gain of $240 ― a gain of 24%, in just 10 months!

My view: To not understand the power of gold — what it can do for your portfolio ... your future ... your children’s future — is almost a sin.

Especially when you consider ...

Five Simple Reasons Why Gold Is Now
Entering Its Most Profitable Phase Ever

Actually, I count about a dozen reasons why gold has the potential to spin off amazing profits for investors in the months and years ahead.

But the five reasons below are the ones that matter the most ... and which are converging now in a perfect storm to create the biggest gold rush in history ...

Reason #1:
Washington’s Runaway Deficits Virtually
Guarantee Runaway Gold Prices

Washington’s debt nightmare has been all over the news lately. And it is truly staggering. The most aggressive economic stimulus packages in history and the White House’s own 2010 budget deficit projection of a record $1.56 TRILLION are already understated.

Remember: That figure you’re hearing all over the press doesn’t even include new emergency bailouts that undoubtedly lay around the corner ... another fiscal stimulus program ... the existing deficits in Social Security funds and other programs, which will likely be deeper than expected due to the recession ... or the billions in new spending Washington is now proposing for health care, jobs creation ... and more.

Of course, the White House will continue to say, “Don’t worry — we can cut the deficit in half over the next five years.” And surely they will try.

But to be successful, they would have to do the impossible: Increase tax revenues and cut spending at the same time. Something that no Congress or White House in the history of this nation has ever been able to do!

Worse, the Congressional Budget Office and the Comptroller General of the United States have warned that future deficits could make today’s oceans of red ink look puny by comparison.

Why? Because the government now owes 59 million baby boomers an estimated $14.1 trillion that it can’t pay!

Make no mistake: It will take generations before a balanced budget is even possible in this country.

In the meantime, the U.S. government has no choice but to borrow money by flooding the market with trillions in new Treasury issues ... and by driving the value of the U.S. dollar down. And virtually by definition ...

Reason #2:
When The Dollar Drops, Gold Prices Soar

It’s already beginning to happen: The U.S. dollar is in a long-term decline.

Despite a recent rally — driven by fears that the global financial crisis is now hitting other parts of the world — the value of the U.S. dollar on international markets remains 13.66% lower than it was almost 3 1/2 years ago against the euro.

Why? Because there’s no disputing the fact that the U.S. is ground zero for the financial crisis ... that Washington is going to create trillions of dollars out of thin air to throw at the problem ... and that the rest of the world is going to depend on the U.S. to help solve the crisis.

So that means without question that the dollar is going to have to go on sale ... become cheaper ... to boost our economy ... to devalue debts ... and to stir up inflation.

No matter how you look at it — and history has proven this — when the dollar is going down the toilet, gold soars.

What’s more ...

Reason #3:
The World Is Running Out Of Gold

The U.S. Geological Survey — a division of the Department of the Interior — recently announced that there are now less than 50,000 tons of proven gold reserves left in the ground worldwide.

Already, physical demand is outstripping new mining supply year after year — and the gap is widening. A supply crisis is looming.

Most analysts agree that total mine production has probably peaked for the foreseeable future. Industry consolidation means the most unproductive mines have been shuttered.

Plus, increasing environmental concerns and the low prices of the 1990s caused mining companies to cut their research and development activities to the bone.

Over the past several years, companies have bought reserves through merger and acquisition, spending little to discover new sources.

It means the existing proven reserves could disappear in less than 20 years as the demand for gold climbs. In fact, some experts believe reserves could disappear faster than that.

Even our own U.S. government is now warning that the world will
run out of in-ground supplies of gold within 20 years. And this comes from some of the top government geologists in the world!

To better understand the supply shrinkage among major producers, consider the fate of South African gold companies: New mine production peaked at 1,000 tons back in 1970. It fell to 428 tons in 2000 ... declined again in 2001 to 394 tons ... and dropped to 220 tons in 2008, its lowest level in 86 years!

Cleary, the boom in demand will have to be fed from sources other than new production. But it won’t be coming from the central banks that were the major suppliers during the 1990s.

All this is happening while ...

Reason #4:
Demand For Gold Is Hitting
One New Record High After Another

In 2009, world identifiable investment demand for gold increased 7% to a record to 1,271 tonnes.

Total world gold demand from all identifiable sources stood at 3,385 tonnes for the year.

Compared to the total gold mine supply of 2,296, that leaves a deficit of 1089 tonnes!

Investor demand for gold-backed exchange traded funds soared 85% in 2009, as investors flocked to gold as a safe-haven investment.

Here in America, the U.S. Mint saw the revenue of bullion products jump 78% in 2009, with sales of the 22 karat gold American Gold Eagle bullion coins soaring by 184.3%.

And mind you, none of the above four reasons I cite for an explosive new phase in gold’s bull market includes the demand force coming from the more than 1.3 billion Chinese who are still improving their lifestyles and standards of living, despite the global financial crisis.

Or from the 1.1 billion in India who are also quickly modernizing.

But as strong as demand is right now, it’s going to pale in comparison to what’s about to happen next in the gold market ... and the most bullish force of all ...

Reason #5:
Gold is Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s Secret
Debt Solution For The Global financial Crisis

bernake-speechIf you’ve already read my views on how Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and the G-20 nations may use gold to help solve the global financial crisis, then you’re light years ahead of other investors.

And you’re ready to profit from the solution, via my complimentary reports which I’ll tell you about in a minute.

But if you’re not already familiar with my views on the matter, not to worry. You’re soon going to be hearing about my views on this because they’ve set off quite a buzz all over the world.

Basically it goes like this: Given the global financial crisis ... the authorities’ efforts so far that have failed to stem the crisis ... and the fact that drastic times require drastic measures — I believe the world is now embarking upon a new monetary era that will be put into motion by Bernanke and the economic chieftains of the G-20.

The new monetary era — which is already underway behind closed doors at the G-20 meetings — will include an upward revaluation of the price of gold to inflate away the world's bad debts and kick off a new era of asset inflation.

In essence, officials are going to use the price of gold to change the value of money — by devaluing paper money so asset prices rise to offset the devaluation.

It’s been done before, in third-world countries all over the globe. And, importantly, it’s been done before here in the U.S. — back in 1933 during the Great Depression.

That’s when Franklin Roosevelt, by decree via emergency executive order #6102, confiscated gold from the public and raised its price 69.3%, effectively kick starting asset reflation.

Only this time, it won’t be just the U.S. that devalues its currency. The world is too inter-related. Instead, the G-20 nations will participate in a simultaneous and universal currency devaluation.

I can’t tell you what gold price the G-20 will ultimately agree to. But if they monetize just 10% of bad U.S. debts, gold would have to be priced just over $5,300 an ounce.

Will it happen? I believe it’s already seriously under consideration and is going to happen one day in the not too distant future.

Reason ... when all is said and done ...

The only way the authorities will be able to bring an end to the global financial crisis is to devalue paper money.

And no matter how you look at it or exactly how they do it gold will be the prime beneficiary. Indeed, that is why gold has endured for 5,000 years and why I consider it the most reliably profitable investment in world history.

How To Get Started Doubling ... Tripling ...
Even QUADRUPLING Your Money In Gold

Long-term followers of my forecasts already know how to profit: A few years back, they had the opportunity to more than double their money in Agnico-Eagle ... triple it in Royal Gold ... and almost sextuple it in Glamis Gold.

And now, along with my special publication devoted to gold and other tangible asset markets, they’re getting ready to do it again!

How? With investments in gold and in shares of select gold mining companies that are pulling gold out of the ground ... refining it ... and selling it hand over fist to savvy investors who know how much higher the price of gold is headed.

But you can’t just run out and buy any gold stock today.

Some gold mining companies are in what I call “hostile” territory like Venezuela, where their properties — and their gold — are more likely than ever to be subject to confiscation from dictators like Hugo Chavez, who is seeing his country and his leadership get pounded by the global financial crisis. So, striking out and nationalizing the gold industry is a real risk to investors.

Other companies are located in parts of the world where the cost of mining gold is becoming too high. Places like South Africa, which is quickly losing its status as a premiere gold mining country.

And still other gold mining companies may actually lose money as gold soars higher. Reason: They’ve sold future production forward to lock in current gains. So as gold surprises everyone and takes off yet again, these mining companies won’t earn a single additional dime of profits — even if the price of gold rockets to $2,000 an ounce.

So if you think you can just run out and buy gold shares — or even mutual funds specializing in gold — and make a fortune, I urge you to think again.

The next phase up in gold’s bull market is going to surprise even the experts in the industry, so you need to be extra careful about what you buy!

In fact, I’m so worried that investors will buy the wrong gold investments, that I’ve put together a special profit guide of my top-rated gold shares, including risk reducing measures you should take.

And I want you to have it for FREE!

In your complimentary copy of “Double, Triple and Quadruple Your Money In the Gold Stock Breakout of 2010–2012,” I've already done all the homework for you. I give you everything you need to take your gold stock profit potential to new highs.

You’ll also learn more on why I’m absolutely convinced that this fascinating, remarkable and reliably profitable investment — gold — is destined to enter its most powerful bull market phase yet in its entire recorded history, making smart investors richer beyond their wildest dreams.

But I don’t want to stop just there. There are so many other profitable opportunities available as a result of the global financial crisis, I want to make sure you have the chance to seize every one of them.

That’s why I’ve written FOUR more timely profit guides which I am going to give you for FREE.

Because ...

You Now Have Multiple Ways
To Profit From The Global Financial Crisis

There are never any sure things in the markets. There are only major trends and minor trends. The difference: When you have major trends in your favor — like you do now — your odds of winning and taking profits out of the market go up astronomically.

That’s why professional analysts often say, “Make the trend your friend.” When you do that, you’re putting major, compelling mega-forces on your side — unstoppable forces that can help you yank out the profits you’re going after.

That’s exactly what we have now — in gold. But there are many other tangible, gold-like assets you can invest in during this crazy economic environment we’re in now to profit in the months and years ahead. So why not seize all the profit opportunities?

Consider the oil market. Yes, after hitting $147 in 2008, it’s gotten clobbered. But you know what?

  • Oil demand has not fallen as much as supplies have

  • China is using the current low price of oil to stock up like crazy

  • Oil exploration is virtually dead, due to the credit crisis and lack of funds

  • Oil production is now hovering at its lowest levels in decades

Meanwhile ...

The price of oil is extremely sensitive to a falling dollar. So as the dollar begins to fall anew, as it is now, guess what?

The stage is being set for a new, even more powerful bull market in oil than the previous one!

That’s why I have a SECOND FREE profit guide for you called, “Energy Windfall” Double Your Money in 2009-2011.”

In this complimentary report I give you four reasons why oil prices — and, more importantly, oil stocks — are destined to explode to new record highs, yet AGAIN!

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But that’s not all. I have three more profit guides that I consider mandatory for making big profits in the natural resource markets in the months and years ahead ...

For instance, in my THIRD FREE report “The Ultimate Natural Resource Stock” I introduce you to a versatile resources company that is well-positioned to profit handsomely from the increasing demand for natural resources in Asia.

The FOURTH FREE profit guide, “Blue Gold: Double-Sized Profits From China’s Water Crisis” gives you the inside scoop on the world’s worst water crisis and how China is investing hundreds of billions of dollars to avert a catastrophe.

Plus I give you the skinny on two water companies that are helping to solve the crisis — two stocks that could double your money over the next 12 months.

And finally, no portfolio should be without this Chinese oil conglomerate, a company I believe is set to become the next ExxonMobil of Asia.

So in my FIFTH FREE profit guide for you, “A Chinese Oil Company Set to Become the ‘ExxonMobil’ of Asia” — you’ll learn why China’s demand for oil continues to explode higher and why this company is already positioned to rake in billions by meeting the energy needs of 1.3 billion Chinese.

How can you get these profit guides and get yourself on the road to riches, even in the midst of one of the worst financial crisises in history?

It’s simple. All you have to do is be ready to ...

Make Money Now. Gobs of It!

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It’s my way of saying “thank you” just for trying out my specialized monthly publication, Real Wealth Report — designed to help you grab huge windfall profits out of the natural resource markets.

And during times like these, I’ve found investing in tangible assets, not paper-based assets and in companies that focus on natural resources — is one of the best means to that end.

I created Real Wealth Report with one and only one mission: To make you money. Lots of it. And to me, gold and other natural resource investments are the best means to that end. After all — stock booms go bust. Bond rallies fizzle. Paper currencies turn to dust.

But demand for natural resources — food and water ... oil and energy ... raw manufacturing materials ... and yes, precious metals — are enduring, and set to rise again, and even more dramatically not despite the global financial crisis, but because of it!

Look, at the most basic level, the Earth’s 6.5 billion people simply can’t live — nor can civilization advance — without natural resources. We all know that.

The supply of natural resources has always been limited. Mother Nature produces only so much gold, oil, silver, copper, you name it.

And now, because of the global financial crisis, new exploration for natural resources — and even production of existing stockpiles — has come to a screeching halt. That means supplies for almost all natural resources are dwindling like crazy, and shrinking to levels not seen in decades.

Meanwhile, an exploding global population — combined with the discovery of even more ways to use natural resources — leave a certain minimum level of demand present in these markets, giving them basic intrinsic value that you don’t find in almost any other investment.

Moreover, as the global financial crisis abates — and ends as it undoubtedly will — demand for natural resources is going to accelerate at a pace never before seen in the history of planet Earth.

So if you’re like me and you see the profit potential in natural resources, you’re chomping at the bit over all the profit opportunities you can go after.

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Absolutely, Larry! Show me how to stake my claim in the huge profit opportunities available using the most reliably profitable investment in world history!

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